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Booth in a Box

Talent Attraction’s “Booth In A Box” is your one-stop shop to request support for local/state conferences and events. We are committed to supporting the Recruiting team in the ways that best fit the needs of the conference you are attending. Below you will see options for booth design and additional marketing materials that you can request.


We look forward to working with you!

 Booth Options

Custom Local Content Included in Slideshow

Screenshot 2022-06-29 133334.png

For local or state events, including localized imagery and logos allows candidates to learn more about local sites.

Raffle Sign & Basket

Copy of KVC Giveaway.png

Give people incentive to stop by and an opportunity to engage them in conversation.

NVA Branded Swag

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Help to attract people to the booth and keep our brand visible after people go home.

Swag includes: Hot/cold gel bead packs, reusable straws, lip balms and pens.

State Map

Copy of Tennessee Map Poster (1).png

Displays practice names and locations. Options:

  • Framed paper

  • Foam board (2.5x4)

  • Foam board (2.5x6)

Pick your booth options and order now:

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