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Social Media Tip

LinkedIn Tag Mentions

Did you know that when you mention people in the comments of your LinkedIn posts or other people's posts, it can attract more engagements? A mention/tag will notify their audiences to your post in their LinkedIn feed and therefore guarantees more eyeballs to your content that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. There is a fine line to doing this:

  • Only tag relevant people

  • Don’t spam your connections by tagging people who don’t have anything to do with the post

  • Don’t mass tag people

Reasons why you'd want to mention/tag someone in a comment of your post or someone else/business:

  • Thank them

  • Acknowledge something they have written

  • Highlight their contribution to or involvement with a recent event or conference

How to mention/tag someone:

Type the"@" and then start typing there name - it should populate for you and then you'll click on that name. It will be "hyperlinked" to their profile and they'll get a notification.

We encourage you to start trying this with your personal posts and National Veterinary Associates posts.

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