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Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Taking a Selfie Video


Don't let people get distracted by what you have in the background. Keep it simple and appropriate.


Your attire should make sense, feel comfortable and appropriate for what you'll be "sharing" or "talking" about in your selfie video. Also be aware that you'll most likely not capture the full length of your body, so be mindful about what people are able to see from your video. Don't detract people from what you're saying or doing by having a "loud" outfit.

Mic Check

We've all been there when you hold the phone up to take a selfie video and don't realize you've covered the mic - or maybe it's your cellphone holder making you sound underwater. Make sure not to obstruct that mic so viewers can hear you clearly.


It can be tricky depending on where you are, but try to have natural lighting and ensure no beam of light is swallowing you up in the frame.


Ensuring your phone is at eye level or a little higher is extremely important. If the camera is lower than you, you’ll look bigger. If the camera is too high, your viewers will feel like they’re giants staring down at you.

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