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Advocacy Criteria

Do you love interacting with others online or in person? Do you have knowledge about the NVA brand and would like to be more involved? We’d love to work with you!


  • Work at an NVA practice of for NVA corporate

  • Must be in good standing

  • Must be willing to sign a Code of Conduct document

  • Must be willing to have one public social profile to post NVA content to

  • Must post at least once a week using #NVA


  • Be in the know about NVA news before it becomes mainstream

  • Access to exclusive trainings

  • Mentorship opportunities to develop leadership skills

  • Greater visibility

  • Future* Join NVA related events with other advocates or #NVACommunity members

Join the Club

Interested in joining the #NVACommunity as an NVAdvocate?

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